At SOS Drain Services, we pride ourselves in being a specialist company
carrying out a complete range of drainage services. We have highly trained, motivated staff and use the latest technical equipment available for both domestic and commercial customers. All our technicians wear uniforms emphasising our professional approach to the job.

As a drainage specialist, SOS Drain Services has a wide range of solutions and tools with which to assess, clear, maintain or repair drains. Damaged and blocked drains are bad news for most businesses, causing work to be stopped or health and safety isssues to arise. With a maintenance program we can prevent the need for costly repairs and inconvenience.

In the past year, SOS Drain Services have carried out surveys, drain re-lining, replacement drains and CCTV work for domestic and commercial customers including, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Nursing Homes, Schools, Colleges, factories and retail outlets.

SOS Drain Services are pleased to offer a high quality, reliable service for all types of customers

SOS Drain Services van with pressure hose Drain Unblocking Equipment
Drain Unblocking EquipmentJetting equipment
SOS Services, Elite House, Firswood Road, Garretts Green, Birmingham B33 0TG